Phase Change Memory is Wave of the Future

It may seem a little odd to not that while scientists and researchers have found ways to store more and more data in smaller and smaller spaces, the kind of data storage that has used really hasn’t changed all that much from the first computer.  Really there has only been two significant changes in type over the last 50 years.

First came Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) then there was Flash memory and now there appears to be a relatively new kind of memory storage known as Phase Change that will allow people to save even more data on top of one another.  Of course another reason to use this particular Phase Change technology is because it is actually the best of both worlds.

The technology is going to be doing so many truly great things that researchers at IBM believe that the Phase Change Memory (PCM) will be the only kind of memory used by 2016.  This particular technology will allow programs like the Memory Lane program or more likely smart phone applications like the AR Cinema to both run faster and better because there will be more memory available for all the other programs on the memory card or hard drive as well.

Perhaps the biggest change that PCM will make when storing data is that devices that use this particular brand of storage will be able to store data longer before it starts to degrade.  Considering how computers, tablets and even smartphones are starting to take on tasks in a way where some people are storing their entire lives on the devices, it makes sense that there never need be a worry about the data corrupting inside of a year or two.  This will also be especially helpful when you are talking about big time servers that are actually storing massive amounts of data for large numbers of people.  Cloud storage is one area where this kind of data storage will also come in handy because people are looking for the cloud to store all their data, not realizing that there are massive amounts of people all wanting the same service.