Design, Print and Devour: The 3D Chocolate Printer is Here

George Bernard Shaw had said, “What use are cartridges in battles? I always carry chocolate instead.” With the ongoing efforts, it will not be long before each one of us will be able to create our very own chocolate cartridges. A 3D chocolate printer has been developed jointly by researchers at the University of Exeter, University of Brunel and software developer Delcam.

The saying goes as ‘too many cooks spoil the broth,’ but over here these cooks have managed to stir up a storm. Chocolate is not an easy material to work with as great care has to be taken with regards to its consistency and temperature. Yet the researchers went ahead and experimented with chocolate owing to its popularity among all ages. Chocolates in various shapes and sizes is always loved by every chocolate lover and when one gets the option of creating customized pieces of their favorite dessert there can be nothing like it. When you gift your loved ones a box of chocolates shaped as their favorite object or character imagine the joy you will get to see on their faces.

This chocolate printer is still in the prototype stage but it has already created quite a buzz among the chocoholic society. Arriving at this stage was no easy job but the sweet taste of success can be felt among all. The printing technology has been around for a long time now with printers successfully using ink and plastic. 3D printing is also used in the plastic and metal industry but this is the first time an edible item has been used for the purpose. The functioning is fairly simple with the printer first printing a cross section of the image. This is followed by layers upon layer printing of chocolate to give the 3D design. It is like adding layers to a 2D image to convert it into a 3D object. Before adding the next layer care has to be taken to see to it that the previous layer is dry and solid. Adding a layer to a semi-solid layer will result in distortion.

The computer opened up the gates of a completely new world in designing. While it made designing easier it also helped recreate the imaginations of the mind. We have seen the wonders of designing in objects around us but now it is the time to witness it even in the chocolate we devour. With the 3D chocolate printer, it will now be possible to design customized chocolates and enjoy their taste as well. It’s going to be chocolaty world.

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