Philips BlueControl LED Light Therapy Keeps Psoriasis in Check

The Dutch corporation has brought light to our lives in many different ways, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that now it has turned its attention to psoriasis vulgaris, a skin disease that can be kept under control using LED light therapy.

Unfortunately, psoriasis is an incurable condition, but mild and moderate cases can be held under control with lifestyle changes and various sorts of therapy. Sunlight and a few other types of light are known to alleviate some of the symptoms, so who better take a shot at helping patients with psoriasis than Dutch lighting giant Philips? The BlueControl medical gadget developed by them relies on blue LED light to slow down the rapid division of cells, which is believed to be the root cause of this skin disorder.

BlueControl is a unobtrusive (not that any type of treatment for psoriasis would be) strap-on that uses the very type of light emitting diodas that are granted the Nobel Prize for Physics this year, blue LEDs. According to some extensive research, exposing the skin to the light emitted by these LEDs reduces skin inflammation.

“Research proves that blue LED light treatment slows down rapid cell division and can also reduce inflammation. This research has enabled us to develop, for the first time, an unprecedented treatment device that can make a real difference to the lives of sufferers psoriasis vulgaris.” explained Matthias Born, Head of Clinical Affairs for Philips’ Light and Health business.

To certify the results, the lighting giant collaborated with researchers at the University Hospital of Aachen in Germany. The Local Psoriasis Area Severity Index (PASI) showed a reduction of the symptoms by 50 percent after using BlueControl for four months. Since UV-free blue LEDs are used, there are no side-effects, and this was also confirmed by the clinical trials.

Philips exhibited BlueControl at the European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology Congress, which takes place in Amsterdam these days (October 8-12). The medical gadget will then go on sale in the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. The company has yet to disclose the price of the product, but judging by its usual pricing policy, it’s safe to assume that the BlueControl blue LED gadget won’t come cheap.

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