Philips, SRO and SUTD Team Up for Incredible Christmas Interactive Lighting Display

Certain lighting tricks can make a place look like it’s from another world, and that’s precisely what Philips, Singapore River One (SRO) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) have achieved with the interactive lighting display that they’ve installed accross Read Bridge in Clarke Quay for Christmas.

This is the first time Philips, SRO and SUTD collaborate, but if RIBbon, as their brainchild is called, gets to be appreciated by the community, there will certainly be more collaborations between the three entities. What sets RIBbon appart from other urban lighting fixtures is that, as long as there are people walking in its vicinity, it doesn’t display the same colors at two different points in time. Since it is an interactive lighting display, it adjusts its colors depending on what is going on around it. Movements and sounds are turned into magnificent light modulations that impress anyone crossing the bridge.

“SRO is excited and honoured to partner with both Philips Singapore and SUTD this Christmas for an amazing light feature,” explained Mr. Wilson Tan, Chairman of Singapore River One. “The installation will definitely bring cheer and sparkle to visitors at the Singapore River this festive occasion. Visitors can also look forward to other fun-filled programmes apart from the interactive light and sound installation on Read Bridge and participate in the festive revelry. Come to the River — Where it all began!”

The amazing effect that you can notice in these photos was achieved using more than 200 high-intensity full-colour Philips LED lights (more precisely, Philips iColor Flex LMX LED) that were inserted into tubes so that there isn’t a discordant note between adjacent sources of light. This way, the colors blend into each other and create a rather otherworldly effect. The entire structure is lined with microphones and motion sensors that capture nearby sounds and movements, and adjust the lighting accordingly.

As there is festive music along the Singapore River, and particularly near the Read Bridge in Clarke Quay, where RIBbon is installed, the installation pulsates in rhythm with it. More than that, the glow intensifies as more traffic and sounds are detected by the microphones and motion sensors.

“The future of lighting is here. With connected LED light that goes beyond functional benefits, we now have infinite possibilities for beautifying cityscapes, creating safer cities and enhancing people’s lives. Through RIBbon, you will be able to witness the dynamics of integrated LED lighting on the Read Bridge in a way that showcases the best of Philips innovation and SUTD creative design,” added Mr. Wee Shiang Ning, General Manager of Philips Lighting Singapore. “We are very honoured to be a part of the RIBbon project — one of the many ways in which we touch people’s lives through meaningful innovations.”

The RIBbon interactive lighting display will remain in place between December 4, 2015 and January 3, 2016, to mark the celebration of Christmas by the River.

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