Phonejoy GamePad 2 Bluetooth Controller

T’is the season to play mobile games, since most youngsters are enjoying the holidays right now, and turning to Bluetooth controllers such as Phonejoy’s GamePad 2 is by far a better idea than tapping the smartphone’s display frantically.

Touchscreens represent without a doubt an evolution in terms of user interfaces, as using QWERTY (or even worse, numpad) keyboards on mobile devices has always been more time-consuming. Despite that, when it comes to mobile gaming, most prefer doing the old-fashioned way, with hardware buttons and gamepads. Blame console gaming for that, if you will, as there are several generations who grew up gaming on Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox consoles. On top of that, hardware buttons also give us more control over what we are doing, not to mention that our reactions can be better coordinated when using a gamepad. In this context, using the Phonejoy GamePad 2 Bluetooth controller when gaming on a smartphone should be seen as something natural.

The controller developed by Phonejoy Solutions extends to accommodate smartphones of various sizes. You might have seen tablets with hardware gaming controls on each side of the display, and while in some cases these buttons are built into the body of the devices, in other cases they just attach to the tablet using some kind of dock. Phonejoy’s GamePad 2 falls in the second category, for an increased versatility. The manufacturer advertises this device as being platform agnostic, so it will work equally well with iPhones and Android devices.

Phonejoy’s GamePad 2 Bluetooth controller sports all of the buttons you could possibly need while gaming: shoulder buttons, a joystick, and action buttons. Obviously, some of these can also be used for navigating through the app drawer, but it’s gaming that it was built for.

Since it includes 12 powerful stainless steel springs, expanding and contracting the gamepad is done in a precise manner. The design enables the controller to expand three times its original size, so it’ll fit all sorts of smartphones without any problems.

The built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery charges via microUSB (computer ports and power adapters are equally fine), and a full charge should allow you to play games for up to 14 hours. That’s enough for a few days of commuting or even for a long trip. Just throw it in your backpack and get it out whenever you feel like gaming.

The following video should give you a pretty good idea about the types of games you can play with Phonejoy Solutions’ GamePad 2 Bluetooth controller.

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