Four Adorable Pig Speakers for Bacon Lovers

Presenting the latest trend in speaker designs: the Pig shaped Speakers, and after some searching on the Internet, I found four different pig shaped speakers which are cute, adorable and could entertain any pig and Bacon lover.

This piggy has a speaker in its stomach, and a headphone jack for a tail. These pigs also have a curiously serious expression, but that’s quite cool anyways. Priced at $50, this product is only available in Japan.

cute pig shaped speakers

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The second pig computer speakers have the speakers in their eyes and that gives them a strangely cute piggy-alien look. They have an LED light in their mouths, the ears are volume controls and there is a knob on the pig’s back that in the bass control. All this comes at a massive price of $105 though. A bit steep IMHO.

funny pig computer speakers

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Pigs with speakers in different parts of their anatomy being the trend, this little piggy has a speaker in its nose. It is powered by either USB or batteries and channels FM stations as well. Like the previous speakers, one ear is for volume control while the other is a radio scanner. This piggy costs only $19.99. There is just something about these speakers that makes me want to laugh 🙂

fun pig speakers for your computer

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The final pig in this collection is one that has speakers on the side of its stomach. I think this is the cutest one of the four. Priced at only $14, it’s definitely worth buying

cool pig computer speaker

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