GI Joe Collector’s Set is Out For Grabs

gi joe collectors set

For all the GI-Joe fans all around the world, its time to rejoice, because, this Collector’s edition Set of GI-Joe merchandise is surely gonna make your eye balls roll in your head. The original franchise feature some ultra cool items that include all the original 95 episodes on a set of 17 DVD’s, two GI-Joe “Silent” comic books and a 1GB “Dog-tag” flash drive.

The bonus features of the package are something to die out for; with wonderful PSAs , a 60 page booklet, the original 1963 toy fair presentation, an archive of some commercials by Hasbro, an exclusive voice cast reunion, a printable script, some tattoos and…the list is exhausting, whoa!. All this great stuff is neatly packed in a limited edition large footlocker which gives all this an authentic feel. You can order this huge set of merchandise for a measly sum of $145, which all together make this a deal in our favor. So, go for it.

Via: Uncrate