Pimple Popper Ring Grosses You Out

Of all the annoying and gross habits that one can have, popping pimples, zits and blisters could just be the worst.

They not only make you want to throw up, but they also send shivers down your spine thanks to the intensity of disgust and contempt that you may feel for the person. Winona, an artist begs to differ and admits that though she recognizes that it is a gross habit, she does it due to her neurotic and anxious personality. Of course, a person who compulsively pops out zits would usually have an underlying obsession, and being a student of psychology, I would suspect Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Nevertheless, Winona has decided to come out of the closet and proclaim to the world that she has a problem, and the problem is popping out pimples. She has even gone ahead and created some really disgusting and cool pieces of jewellery inspired by her pimple picking habit. The Pimple Popper Ring brings all the zit squashing neurotics together, and is made of sterling silver, copper, enamel and a white pearl.

The Pimple Popper Ring costs $163, and Winona promises that many more pieces of such gross skin related jewellery are in store for us. I shall make sure that I keep you updated if Winona unveils any more of these disgustingly cool designs and jewellery. Picking at pimples and blisters usually has an underlying psychodynamic explanation, and perhaps the underlying anxiety is relieved when the person feels the yucky goo coming out of the pit of a burst pimple.

If you suffer from the same compulsive habit of picking and bursting pimples, you have two options: either see a shrink, or embrace your ‘problem’ and celebrate it by wearing jewellery like the ones that Winona makes. If you have a serious zit problem and would like to take a more drastic step, you could burn your pimples with the help of Zeno Pro.

Thank you Winona!