Typewriter to Keyboard Conversion Kit

Things of the past seem to come back to the present in a modern, and usually useful way.  Typewriters have fallen in that past category, and now they’re following the same trend of coming back in a useful way. Even though now you rarely see someone using a typewriter, you, or someone you know, may have one sitting around gathering dust.  Now you can finally go wipe the cobwebs and blow the dust off the antique machine and put it to some use.

With the typewriter conversion kit, you can turn your thing of the past into a modern thing of the present.  A person by the name of Jack Zylkin has created the conversion kit that allows you to hook up the antique typewriter to a computer via USB.  Cool thing is you could even hook one up to even an iPad.  You can simply buy your very own USB typewriter, pre-built, hooked up and everything for anywhere from $699 to $899.  But, if you really want to hook up your own then you can buy the kit for $74 and do it yourself.

The kit will come with all the electronic parts but they are unassembled.  The DIY kit is just that though, a kit.  It does require some knowledge and skill.  For instance, you will need some soldering skills and your own soldering iron.  It also requires a number of different tools, most of which are pretty common, in order to peace together all the parts.  Total assembly seems to take, depending on the skill and available tools, around 3 to 4 hours.  However, with this kit you can revive that antique of a typewriter sitting in your basement into a more useful, and unique, keyboard for your computer.

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Via: Forever Geek / Etsy