Pioneer are making Android Auto happen

Google had talked about their plans to sneak into the car industry a few months ago, and now we have concrete information about it. Android Auto is coming, and we can already see where they’re heading with this idea – and you can even download the app from the Play Store already.


The team behind Android Auto have already announced the availability of this preliminar, unfinished version, and it already has some requirements: only devices that are running Android 5.0 or superios, along with a compatible Pioneer gadget (as of now, only America, Australia & the UK have them).

What Android Auto does is reproducing or executing tasks related to the car’s wellbeing & systems, but they are sure to expand with each and every version of the cars & software. The system works via voice control, and users will be able to use it to access maps, send and receive calls, or even media files, in order to create a more connected but also safer experience.

Pioneer is only the first of Google’s tech partners to partake in this program, at least in a public way. We are sure more companies will eventually join in, because this does look like the way of the future. If we add on top streaming services like Spotify, Pandora or SoundCloud, this could even change the way we listen to the radio on our cars.

Google’s idea is that in time most carmakers will feature Android Auto on their vehicles, and have already agreed to work with some 30 companies that include Audi, Bentley, Fiat, Ford, Maserati, Renault, & Volkswagen.

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