USB-C is also coming to Android devices

USB-C is coming to stay, and the next group to embrace it might be the creators of Android devices around the globe.

Nexus USB-C

The new standard for USB, USB-C has been just announced and is already featured in two upcoming devices (namely, the new MacBook and Google’s next Chromebook Pixel), but that is only the beginning. The new standard, turns out, might end up showing up in many more devices all along 2015, with Android OS running phones being chief among them.

USB-C has many advantages over traditional USB, the main one being multi-device charging and high speed data transfer with just one cable. It is small enough so it can be featured in the latest smartphones, but powerful enough so it will be able to charge a plethora of devices, even computers, all featuring a symmetrical port so users don’t have to go around flipping their cables. The perks are pretty obvious, and now based on the video Google created to explain the standard, we can sort of expect to see it in the next Nexus device Google creates – check around the end of the video.

Source: Droid Life

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