Pirate Themed Home Theater

What’s the best way to spend that large lump sum of cash you have buried in your basement? Chances are if you are burying money, you are a fan of pirates, so why not look into an authentic pirate-themed private theater! Even Captain Jack Sparrow would approve of this elaborate screening room.

Elite Home Theater Seating was commissioned to design this pirate themed theater at a house in Palm Beach, Florida with a budget of around $2.5 million. Along with the actual screening room, the large budget buys you an elaborate ticket kiosk entrance and a tavern-like lobby with a window that overlooks the ship screening room.

The theater is not officially licensed by Disney but it is modeled after the popular Pirate of the Caribbean movies and ride. Everything is themed from the lantern lighting to a captain’s wheel situated near the back of the seating. It even includes some folded sails, which I am curious to see if they can unravel or not.

The entire theater is indoors, but captures the magic of the Disney ride with dusk colors and lighting to appear outdoors via the ceiling or through windows.

It looks to seat 12 comfortably in large leather chairs modeled after a luxurious captain’s quarters throne, with plenty of more space for standing.

The entire setting is dark and spooky with themed lighting where applicable. The props look very authentic and realistic, nothing breaks the pirate mood. That is until you come upon the large viewing screen and pop in some futuristic sci-fi flick. Either way this looks like the perfect atmosphere to spend your movie nights, all for the low, low price of your first few children’s college fund…and then some.

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Via Elite Home Theater Seating