Dawn of War Case Mod Is Evil

Dawn of War fans have something to cheer about, and this time it comes in the form of an amazing case mod that looks almost out of this world.

Maestro0428 is a modder who has finally completed his cool dawn of War Case Mod, and used Cooler Master’s Elite 330 as canvas in order to build the case mod.

What strikes you the most is the hand sculpted ‘Dawn of War’ lettering on the case, which is almost intimidating. This military science fiction real-time strategy video game has enthralled video game players for a really long time, and anyone who is a fan would love this particular case mod.

The case mod is pretty well packed, and consists of a Samsung DVDRW optical drive which is hidden by a mesh. Apevia brand 120mm Red LED cooling fans make sure that the case remains cool and even the most intense gaming session will not heat up the computer.

The ‘Iron Warrior’ was created with just hands and oven clay, and that has to be a pretty admirable task. Overall, the case seems to be rather ready to be used in a battle, and in this case we are talking about video game battles that you would have with your geeky friends.

RED Cold Cathode lighting make sure that the case mod looks really evil when it is all lit up, and you are ready for a gaming session. The case mod also consists of a 2GB Adata extreme. Dawn of War is one of the most adventurous and war-based games today, and it has been popular for quite some time.

A case mod like this will only reinforce the image of the game being a cool thing to play, and the fans would definitely want to lay their hands on a mod like this. If you are looking for other cool Dawn of War related case mods, you could check out the Warhammer Case Mod. The Killer Chucky Case Mod and the Wall-E Case Mod might interest those who are not fans of Dawn of War.