First Ever iPhone App for Pitchfork Music festival

The latest iPhone app to hit the App Store is the Pitchfork App that has been created by Diacarta.

The image-based scheduling app Diacarta has collaborated with Pitchfork Media and unveiled what is being touted as the first ever iPhone app for the annual Pitchfork Music Festival. The annual Pitchfork Music Festival would be held in Chicago and huge numbers are expected to turn up at the venue. The festival grounds aren’t exactly complicated enough to warrant an iPhone app, but it still does its job wonderfully. It would allow you to check schedules of live performances, scroll through different gigs at the annual Pitchfork Music Festival, and look at all the bands playing on the 3 days of the fest.

You could also click on a particular band and receive more information about them, and by clicking on the ‘Plus’ sign, you could add them to your calendar so that you do not miss out on the performances while indulging in a beer run at the venue. Pitchfork surely knew that Diacarta would be the best iPhone app developer for the event as they know how to make the app in sync with the indie atmosphere of the music fest. Diacarta’s graphics for the Pitchfork app remind you of those grungy posters usually seen at Pitchfork event booths. Talking about calendars, they come in 3 forms, one for each of the 3 days.

The app would also list all the bands that would perform during various times on each of the 3 days. You can share information about bands that you like, or plan to attend on Facebook or Twitter, and get your friends to attend the event as well. The app basically helps you to organize and plan how to enjoy the pitchfork Music Festival without getting carried away by a number of performances. While the festival and the venue are quite small to warrant an iPhone app, it would be kinda cool to have them anyway! If you are an indie music lover, you could take a look at the old Radiohead Video we had written about many years ago. Time indeed flies!