Cuddle Up with Plants vs Zombies Crochet Dolls

When these critters first sprouted in 2009, PC gamers and mobile fanatics were hooked! Now you can bring home a piece of the zombie-busting action with these adorable Amigurumi dolls. This set features eight characters from the highly addictive game, and is said to be ready for sale soon.

Whether they’re gifts for gamers or for personal enjoyment, these crochet dolls are perfect for any PVZ collection. Each doll is approximately four inches tall and all are expertly handcrafted to replicate the stars of the game. The creator made an Amigurumi doll for the Sunflower, Wallnut, Cattail, Pea Shooter, Snow Pea, Melonpult, Wintermelon-pult, and of course, the brain-craving Zombie.

Take note of the cool details that the artist added to give definition to each character. Each doll is crocheted from colored yarn, and the facial features like the mouths are hand-sewn. To make the Plants versus Zombies dolls even more defined, the creator used black beads for the eyes.

According to the creator, the crochet dolls will soon be available for sale on Etsy. Also coming soon on Etsy are crochet patterns for purchase. They’re definitely a great buy for avid crafters who want to create their own PVZ cuddly dolls.

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But if you feel like taking your addiction a step further, then spruce up your front lawn or backyard with these custom-made Plants versus Zombies lawn décor. Get your PVZ fix now and let the good times (and zombie heads) roll!

Via: Dead Craft