Crazy Art – 12 Couples Stuck in Plastic Bags

If you needed any more proof about the fact that the weirdest ideas usually come from Japanese artists, than Haruhiko Kawaguchi project of taking photos of Japanese couples wrapped in plastic bags will reassure that notion in you.

Kawaguchi took people, most of them actual real-life couples and trapped them in vacuum-sealed bags. The photoshoots called for them to pose and hold their breath for 10 to 20 seconds, the time it took to snap a few photographs.

Each couple needed about 5 liters of lube (at 10 times normal concentration) to ensure that their skin wouldn’t burn in the process.

Stuck In Plastic

Nude & Uncomfortable

Nude & Uncomfortable II

Into Red S&M?

Still (Barely) Decent

Making me Think of Candy

The Mandatory Goth Couple

In a Spider-man state of mind?

Musical Torture

Dancing King & Queen

Was it worth the effort, the while and the participants suffering? It looks pretty awesome, whatever it is that Kawaguchi was trying to tell through his pictures, so I guess the answer is yes.

There’s also a video to show you that actual people went through this pretty uncomfortable process –