PlayStation 4 Will Play Used Games, Uses No DRM, Costs $399 USD

The Sony E3 conference has just ended, and we wanted to share the juiciest and most immediate details with our readers. Keep reading for some hot news!

Playstation 4 price

And here we are! After the confusing Xbox One reveal event, and their subsequent E3 presentation which clarified everything, but with answers that pissed off a bunch of gamers, the world awaited to see what would happen in the Sony side of things. Turns out that most of our questions were answered in their conference, and these answers seem to be exactly what fans asked for.

The PS4 will cost $399 USD / €399 / £349

This is 100 less dollars than the Xbox One! Bold move, Sony! We’re guessing that part of this is the fact that Sony is not including a mandatory camera along with the console.

The PS4 Plays Used Games and uses No DRM

Sony made a huge deal out of this, and after the negative reaction the Xbox One announcement received, it only makes sense. They promised things would stay just as they are. The best part is that they even made fun of the competition with this video.

PS Plus Will Deliver Content to the PS4

Your instant game collection will continue growing, and you’ll be getting free games with your already existing Plus subscription from day one. The catch, though? Rumors are circulating, indicating (because of the way the Sony spokeperson talked about it) that plus will now be required if you want to play online at all. Users would still be able to access every other service such as YouTube, or Netflix, but if you like to get hedshots online, you better pony up for plus. Ah, well, at least you’ll be getting a lot of free content every month.

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