PlayStation Now Enters Open Beta On PlayStation 4

Sony’s game streaming service is no longer private and is available for all PlayStation 4 owners.

PlayStation Now blue logo

This week served as the next testing ground for Sony’s game streaming service, PlayStation Now. On Thursday (July 31), and after months of only being accessible to a select group of PlayStation guinea pigs, PS Now entered its open beta phase for all PlayStation 4 owners.

For now, the library of games PS4 users can stream from Sony’s cloud servers to their home consoles is limited to just the PlayStation 3. It is a back catalogue that includes more than 100 PS3 games: Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 3, Darksiders II, and eventually almost every title under the sun from Sony’s previous console as the open beta goes on.

The whole service is fully integrated into the PS4’s PlayStation Store, but currently users can only rent games to stream. Rental periods for each game will typically range from 7-days, 30-days, 90-days, or down to 4-hours if you just want an easy sampling. Every rental period comes with their own price, which during the open beta will be continually adjusting.

If renting still sounds like an odd proposition, Sony is working on a PS Now subscription service. When such a service will come is unknown, but at least it shows that the company is listening carefully to all criticism. Sony is also working on bringing PS Now to other platforms – PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and even smart phones – in the near future.

PlayStation 4 users wanting to try out PlayStation Now this weekend are highly recommended to have a solid 5MB connection. Ideally, a wired one. You’ll also be able to collect PS3 trophies with the 100 or so games that are available in the beta, along with full friend lists and leaderboard support.

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