Pokemon Black and White Version 2 Announced, Fall 2012 For North America

If it’s more Pokemon you crave – and who doesn’t – then this Fall sees a sequel to Pokemon Black & White in North America just for you.

Pokemon Black and White 2 Image

Over the weekend, Pokemon Smash – a Japanese television show officially dedicated to, well, what else – had the megaton scoop with the reveal of a new entry to Nintendo’s and developer Game Freak’s evergreen money-printing franchise, starring those cutesy collectible monsters. Namely, a sequel to last year’s Pokemon Black and White that will launch in Japan, this June, for the Nintendo DS.

Go ahead and rub your eyes all you want, that last bit isn’t a mirage. Entitled Pokemon Black and White Version 2, the next Pokemon game is keeping chill and “relax” on the Nintendo DS once more – if you’re keeping count at home, this will be the sixth installment of the series to appear on Nintendo’s dual-screen system.

Guessing from my arm-chair CEO logic, I understand why Nintendo would avoid putting this title on the Nintendo 3DS: you go to where the money is most, basically kids. They are the game’s main audience, don’tcha know. Not only that, they still make up a rather immense base of the Nintendo DS’s users who’ve yet to migrate over to the 3DS. Bigger audience, means more money – it’s as simple as that.

I’m sure a Pokemon on the 3DS is totally inevitable – it’s just a matter of creating new resources and assets, something I don’t think you want to waste on a sequel.

Which, speaking of, seems more expansion pack than new – fresh Pokemon faces – product just by going off first impressions. Not that there’s much to go off from in the details department, only that the two fierce-looking lugs above, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem Pokemon, should be appearing in the game.

While it wasn’t issued at the same time as the announcement, Nintendo of America sent out a press release hours after, saying Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 will be releasing in North America this Fall. Certainly, more info on the game – any differences to the battle system, new features, etc. – will be forth coming in the following weeks.

You know Walyou will be so on top of that – along with other nerdy interests like this Mario’ Coin Block Lamp or these 10 amazing army robots – so please, don’t change that dial.