Pop Culture Cereal Boxes To Start Your Day Retro Style

There’s a morning ritual many people share without giving it much thought, namely, staring bleary-eyed at the cereal box while eating its contents dipped in milk. They read the ingredients list, rest their eyes on the colored contours of the brand logo, attempt to solve the puzzle in the back a thousand times over, morning after morning. No doubt cereal boxes have some sort of magnetic pull over sleepy breakfasters.

Illustrator Ian Glaubinger has amplified the charm exponentially with these cereal box designs any 80s pop culture geek will love.


Who you gonna call at 8 am, upon discovering your kitchen shelf is empty? Stay Puft’s Ghostbusters, surely. This spooky product includes “Class-5 Roaming Vapor Marshmallows” in the shape of Slimer, the green specter of the same classification that the Ghostbusters encountered at the Sedgewick Hotel. Slimer is known to like a good snack though, so don’t leave your bowl unattended. In case things get out of control, Dr. Stantz has his proton pack at the ready.


The Gremlins in cereal form reproduce exactly like the ones that wrecked Billy Peltzer’s house (“Just Add Water!”) but they’re not dangerous, only delicious. All the same, if you end up with too many to handle you could do what Mrs. Peltzer did when her kitchen was invaded: Pop a few into the microwave and grind the others in your blender.


Not far from the Goon Docks neighborhood there’s a manufacturing plant called Astoria Mills, responsible for the Goonies’ very own cereal. Here the marshmallows are shaped like doubloons. Make sure you save some to pay tribute to One-Eyed Willy at the end of the maze or you may set off the booby trap like the Fratelli thieves did.

Back to the Future

Before cladding your feet in Converse and hopping on your skateboard to tackle some highschool baddies, have a hefty serving of Gray’s Back To The Future crunchy treats. Recommended for anyone following a strict diet: They’re 0 calories but provide “1.2 jiggawatts of energy in every bite”. Later there will also be time to take a ride in the DeLorean, now deodorized with the “Free Lone Pine Air Freshener” that comes inside the box.

All in all, Ian has done a fantastic job with these designs and perhaps one day he might pick up where he left off and sketch some more. I, for one, demand a Breakfast Club cereal … if it’s not too obvious.

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Via: Geek-Art