Popcorn Hour C200 Provides a Great and Powerful Streamer and Ease of Use

popcorn hour c 200 network media tank

The Popcorn Hour is a Networked Media Tank that grants a simple to use interface and hardware in the new Popcorn Hour C-200, providing an amazing product with many possibilities for home media.

The new Popcorn Hour C-200 grants an easy to use interface just like its previous models, and makes it easy for many to set up quickly in their home and start using either by a network connection or external media storage devices. Moreover, it works with Blu-Ray movies, so for those that are looking to maximize their viewing experience, you do not have to worry about such limitations.

While the Popcorn Hour C-200 is offered in different versions, we have tried the basic model without the additional add-ons and features, and we must add…were still impressed and happy with the new gadget’s response and practicality.

popcorn hour c 200 media tank

Design and Menu

Straight out of the box, you can see the Popcorn Hour is a nice sized media gadget that is slightly larger than a regular Blu-Ray player and rather smaller than a stereo receiver. There aren’t too many buttons on its face to confuse the regular day to day individual and make them worry about getting lost with all the possibilities the Popcorn Hour movie streamer has to offer. The front face does in fact include the main buttons that are required for viewing a movie, listening to music and other basic navigational access, making it also simple if you have misplaced your remote after much use.

The C-200 model continues with the Popcorn Hour tradition of easy to navigate menus for sources, music and even network. Still, while you may not have to be a rocket scientist to hook yourself up to your network, some may need a few extra minutes to figure it out without the manuals. But on a better note, once it is hooked up and ready, it can be easily fired up and used without having to think twice.

As soon as we started the C-200, we noticed immediately how simple it was to use. Navigating the different options didn’t have to be searched, for the remote basically thought of our questions and needs before we have. Moreover, it browsed and moved throughout the menus with great speed, and made it easy to simply “return” if the wrong button or selection was made.

popcorn hour streamer

Image, Sound and Speed

The new Popcorn Hour C-200 delivers as hoped with great speed and loading of media selections you are interested in. In addition, based on different tryouts, it seemed that as long as source is of quality…the result through the Popcorn Hour is great. This wasn’t necessarily so with various Online content, but then again, it also highly depends on the application offered for Online viewing and the quality of the content.

popcorn hour c 200 blu ray drive

Additional Features

While most are happy with a great streamer for movies, there are plenty that would love to include music and photos to be with such a good response. The great news are that the C-200 provides so in a great fashion and also delivers with multitasking, such as listening to music and viewing your photographs slideshow on TV at the same time.

In addition, there is also a FTP server that has the ability to transfer files from your computers to a Network, as to reduce files on your computer, share media or speed up viewing (in case of a slow connection).

Bottom Line

The Pocpcorn Hour C-200 Network Media Tank is a great solution to those that want a media network that plays comfortably, delivers on needs and does so in a simple fashion. Moreover, it supports many codecs, so playing your specific file should not be a problem, and if a problem does arise, support and/or firmware updates should cover that small area.

The new C-200 model runs for $300 in the US and higher in Europe (approximately 300 Euros). It is a wonderful toy for media enthusiasts and at the US price, seems like a great product that does what it says, and in a great way.

For more details, technical specs and to make an order, visit Popcorn Hour’s site.

popcorn hour c-200 streamer