Portal “Catpanion Cube” Cat House

Open the portal to your cat’s love by building this cozy feline residence.

Catpanion cube by Rachael Whitaker image 1

Cats don’t seem to have much appreciation for videogames like we humans do. I mean, not having proper hands and what not – plus the distinct lack of a catnip component – I would think that high barrier of entry would likely detract any feline interest.

Tangentially though, there might other means that gaming can make your kitty quite happy, such as this adorable cat-house in the form of a Companion Cube from the popular Valve game Portal, or should I say “Catpanion Cube” (lol) as Instructables member Rachael Whitaker calls it.

Catpanion cube by Rachael Whitaker image 3

Rachael designed the cubby-orinented dwelling completely on her own without the assistance of a certain scientific research company. Kudos to her, although that does mean it lacks a few unique characteristics, say like any discernible intelligence.

Hmm, but having that might scare away the cats, so that might be a plus. And just so long as it makes for a warm bed for your favorite cat pal, then nothing else matters. Guessing from Rachael’s own kitty’s reactions, it passes that test with flying colors.

Catpanion cube by Rachael Whitaker image 2



Heck, even GLaDOS would think twice before incinerating this lovable home, which is probably as close as a seal-of-approval you’re gonna get from that cold, bucket of circuits (seriously, what is up with dat dude?).

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