Coalesse Power Pod Offers Stylish Outlet Access

Surge protectors are often ugly bars and bricks, all function and no form. The Coalesse Power Pod, on the other hand, blends the two perfectly, giving you a stylish desktop surge protector with six ports, perfect for home or office use. The Coalesse Power Pod is circular in shape, giving it a much more pleasing look than a bar or brick, especially for desktop or tabletop use. Furthermore, a utensil caddy is able to settle on top of the pod when not in use, making it blend in further. The downside, of course, is that you still need to connect the Power Pod to a power outlet itself, but since many desks and tables feature holes specifically for power cable access, this is one way to put it to good use.

As a desktop surge protector, this serves wonderfully as a recharging station. Rather than having your devices hanging out on the floor plugged into the same surge protector your PC is connected to, you can have them on your desk and more easily accessible as a result. For commercial use, one can easily picture the Coalesse Power Pod in the center of a cafe table, allowing patrons to plug in their laptops and other devices no matter where they’re seated. The removable caddy on top could be used to hold decorative flowers, eating utensils, or just about anything else, although the circular pod isn’t exactly an eyesore itself.

Coalesse Power Pod 1

Coalesse Power Pod 2

Coalesse Power Pod 4

If you need a stylish new surge protector and multi-outlet for your home or office, the Coalesse Power Pod is a good choice, but a bit steep at $150 and set to release next month. However, it can also serve well by being portable, able to be used when a single wall-socket just isn’t enough for your needs. For similar devices, check out this 24-Port USB Hub or a Portable USB Power Supply.