Toe Typing Qwerty Flip-Flops

For most of us, the Qwerty keyboard has become a ubiquitous part of our everyday existence. Each day we lovingly caress it with our fingers, touching its keys in a thousand different combinations and interacting with our electronic world through its interface.

You can do a lot with a mouse these days, but old Qwerty is the one who does the real heavy lifting. Unfortunately, given its large size and proximity to our hands, it also can bear the brunt of our computer related frustrations. You can throw your mouse, but that might break it. You can slap the monitor, but those flatscreens are hard. No, when things go wrong with your computer, poor little Qwerty is right there in all its springy keyed glory, perfectly situated for a useless, but stress-relieving, two-handed slam. Like the family dog, it’s almost never the keyboard’s fault, but it’s the closest thing to take your frustration out on. Even though it doesn’t really deserve it.

Still, if you want to show your keyboard who’s boss and still want to be able to use it, pick up a pair of Kito Keyboard 2.0s. They’re a pair of keyboard style flip flops made and sold by the Thai company Kito. All your favorite keys are here, from popular “enter” to lowly “page down.” At $29.99, they’re an affordable way to hang your geek flag on a hot summer’s day. And if you’re computer is being a pill, walking on a keyboard with sweaty summer feet all day is a perfect way to get some harmless revenge without ruining your abilty to make dumb comments on Youtube videos.