USB Monster Hub Powers 24 Devices

Earlier, there were floppies, then came the compact discs, and after that came the pen drives or USBs, technology is advancing at a fast pace. The new 24 Port USB Monster Hub has finally come in the market to help you connect not 1 but 24 USB gadgets at a time. This is a new innovative product that acts as a hub for powering up to 24 devices at a single time.

24 Port USB Monster Hub

The 24 Port USB Monster Hub gets powered via USB or AC Power with ease. This new computer accessory has been developed with great built-in features to keep your devices connected. It has been noticed that many hubs had problems in connecting USB devices, so this new device has been built keeping in mind to eradicate all those problems.

The Monster Hub features 24 ports to connect 24 devices with lightning fast transfer speed of 480Mps. You can also enjoy powering this hub directly from your computer or from any AC outlet. This device can also be used to charge your digital camera, MP3 player, cellphones, flipcam, and almost everything you want to charge.

This top grade hub features automatic over current protection for all the 24 ports and for hot swapping plug and play connection. It also has the ability to daisy chain up to 127 USB devices at a single time. This monster USB port helps organizing your desktop with just one central hub to power everything. Using it on a standalone mode can help charging your gadgets with ease.

Featuring 24 USB ports, this device should be enough for any gadget collector. Those who have used this device have liked it a lot for its durability and usability. Many have liked its compact size and many have admired its 24 port connections. There was hardly anyone, who didn’t like it ever since its launch. The Monster Hub can also be an ideal gift especially for gadget freaks on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation days, and housewarming.

To solve your problem of connecting many devices or to lighten your crap load of peripherals to connect with a USB port at a time, you can buy this 24 Port USB Monster Hub in just $49.99. The whole kit of 24 Port USB Monster Hub comprises of a USB cable and AC/DC Wall Adapter 100-240v.

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