Powered Jacket MK3 Exoskeleton Helps Schoolgirls Fight Bullies

All schoolgirls who have ever been mocked or bullied can now have their revenge, assuming in the first place that they can afford such a fashionable exoskeleton.

The Devil’s little helper measures 2.25 meters in height and tips the scale at 25 kilograms. In other words, it’s tall enough to make bullies call for their mommy, but also light enough to be carried in a mountain backpack by a well-built man (or woman – I’m not going to make discriminations here, as women have the potential of being huge strong, too). Sagawa Electronics, the developer of this exoskeleton, achieved the light weight by using carbon fiber frame and for framework and a bit of aluminum here and there. In the front, the exoskeleton features a large canopy that’s supposed to make high-school girls look happy. Well, if I’d be in an exoskeleton that gives me the power to crush my enemies, I’d smile from ear to ear, too.

Walking seems to be very natural when wearing this exoskeleton, as it features an impressive stability mechanism whose function will be noticed both when walking and running. The developer insists to say that people using Powered Jacket MK3 could very well spring like a ninja. Given the size of this thing, I highly doubt that. On top of that, walking is assisted by electronically controlled motors.

The motion master-slave system translates the movements of the person inside the exoskeleton very accurately. Powered Jacket MK3 is so delicate that it could even hold an egg, fact that makes it a great cooking companion when making Tamagake-gohan (raw egg on rice). That’s not all, as the exoskeleton can also help women hold fish without touching it. In this context, many housewives will start thinking that the exoskeleton is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. What do I think about this? Pretentious!

Judging by the scars on the presenter’s face, I’d say that something went terribly wrong either when building the exoskeleton or when testing it.

The video also shows someone wearing the Powered Jacket MK3 entering a temple. That is definitely something you don’t get to see every day. Supposedly, there will be 5 such exoskeletons manufactured, and anyone wanting a toy in the form of the Powered Jacket MK3 will have to pay 12.5 million yen (approximately $125,000).

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