Top 11 Gadgets for Expectant Mothers

Expectant moms are never known for their geekiness, but it doesn’t mean there is no cool hi-tech gadget specially dedicated to them to take care of them as well as their soon-t0-be-born babies. Any of top 11 coolest gadgets for expectant mothers below will not make you want to get pregnant immediately, but will give you an idea of what to buy for yourself if you are pregnant, or what to gift your loved lady if you are not.

Kickbee Baby Twitter


Born from the excitement of the expectant dad Menscher, Kickbee is a device that tracks the baby’s movements in his wife’s womb then posts the information on Twitter. The baby twitter system consists of the piezometric sensors held together on an elastic band, based on an arduino mini board that connects to a host computer using Bluetooth.



The DuoFertility is a fertility gadget which is helpful for both expectant and inexpectant parents. With 20,000 more measurements of Basil Body Temperature than any other thermometer, the DuoFertility can check when you (or your significant other) are ovulating, thus let you know when is the best time to try and make a baby.

Gravida Nurse Prenatal Education Device


Source: Ubergizmo

Much more impressive than the Gravida Nurse Prenatal Education Device’s super elegant design is its knowledge and its helpfulness.  Its touchscreen display shows educational articles with images and voice about all the dos and don’ts for expectant moms as well as care tips for their soon-to-be-born child.

Test Pregnancy with Digital USB Gadget


Source: ThinkGeek

P-Teq’s USB Pregnancy Test Kit is the most attractive and weirdest pregnancy test stick ever. It works like most pregnancy tests which means you’ll have to pee on your USB, specifically the absorbent test strip at one end so that you can remove the strip. The USB connection allows you to check various information about your and your baby’s health on the given software. Unfortunately, for now this gadget is only available on April Fools’.

Bellybuds Pregnancy Bellyphones


Source: Chip Chick

Scientific and unscientific researches have shown that music can enhance the overall growth of the child, and Bellybuds Pregnancy Bellyphones allows you to do that in the most gentle way. The device adheres to a mom’s belly so that her baby can hear prenatal music, voices, and soothing sounds. Moms can connect Bellybuds to an iPod or any standard music player via a 3.5mm jack.

Ritmo Baby Speakers


Fitting comfortably around pregnant mother’s belly, Ritmo Baby Speakers safely deliver music in to the womb and allow the mom to do spend her day comfortably. The device comes with four built in speakers and can be easily connected to any standard MP3 Player.

Beforme MP3 Stethoscope


Source: The Design blog

Designed to strengthen the contact between mother and her unborn baby, Beforme is a stethoscope with MP3 player that records and plays the heartbeats of an unborn child. The embryo-shaped device also presents the heartbeats as a graph on the display. The information can then be transmit to the computer via USB cable or Bluetooth.



Understanding that feeling your baby’s kicks inside the womb is the sweetest thing to an expectant parent, Baby Kick introduced a device that tracks the baby’s kicking habits. The KickTrak, as it is called, is to make sure its movement has not decreased to prevent any upcoming health problems.

GE Vscan Ultrasound Scanner


Source: CNET

The good old General Electric has finally come up with something not exactly new but kind of cool: a low-cost and very portable ultrasound scanner called the Vscan. About the size as a Blackberry, the top of the device showed an ultrasound image while the bottom held control keys. The price wasn’t revealed, but GE CEO hopes to bring these devices to Africa and help health care providers there determine “if a baby is breech”.

Laks Baby Boom Pregnancy Watch


Laks’ Pregnancy Watch is a stylish plastic watch that doubles as a pregnancy device: When a woman is pregnant, the watch can tell her the week of pregnancy she is in. It also comes with a list of baby names as suggestions in case you haven’t picked out one for your baby yet.

Geeky Maternity Clothes



Source: GadgetHer

Get a bit geeky with these awesome maternity shirts and become the coolest pregnant ladies on the planet! Made of 100% cotton, the shirts are super comfortable to wear. They are up for grab at $22.99 each.

Bonus: Pregnancy Bag


Source: Thegadgets

The anti-robbery pregnancy bag for women works perfectly for two reasons: it hides women’s valuable belongings from any potential thief’s eyes as well as cultivates villains’ pity on pregnant women. It won’t go very well with your sexy party dress though.

Laks Baby Boom Pregnancy Watc