Debris QWERTY: Art from Discarded Keyboards

Debris QWERTY is a piece of art created from discarded keyboards. Technology has given birth to a world full of machines and the technological waste we face today is growing with each coming day.

There seems to be no use of all those discarded electronic gadgets and spare parts. In such times when someone like Sarah Frost comes up with an innovative idea to put this debris to use you can say that all is not so bleak. A thinking mind can put any waste to use, in fact marvellous use.

Take a look at the Debris QWERTY created by this Detroit born artist. From a distance you will not, in your wildest of imaginations, be able to guess what that wall seems to be designed with. Take a closer look and the look of amazement it brings on your face is unavoidable. You will be able to locate all those tiny keys that your fingers keep running over all day. There are all the letters of the alphabet, number keys, functions keys and many more. You name it and you find it there. Only that they are no more used as keyboard keys.

Every key that has been used here is a part of a discarded keyboard. It could be a black one or a white one. Both colored keyboards have been put to use in a very well thought out manner bringing out the effect of a mosaic surface or Space, whichever you wish to look at it. You will find yourself being transported to a section of the vast Space with tiny white stars far away in the distance.

Each key carries with it its own individuality, the marks of its owner, and the unique discoloration it must have faced by continued usage. At the same time every key seems to fit in to this mosaic design and appears to say that if taken out from its place the picture will be incomplete. Coming out from one ground every key has perfectly gelled in to a completely new surrounding and successfully performs its role here. All credit goes to the splendid use of keys made by the inventive artist out here.

These keys may have been discarded but they bring to life a completely new art form sending out the message that it is never known as to when something is considered dead. It can bounce back to life with a new role to play.

This is indeed an incredible piece of art! The minds of artists are working constantly. Just take a look at Skateboard Computer Keyboard and Keyboard Shoe and you will understand what I mean to say.