Using Pretzels to Create the English Alphabet

The things we can create when we’re bored or maybe stoned or a little bit of both is endless. The greatest thing about these creations is the fact that they’re absolutely useless. Like taking a bag of pretzels and shaping them into the 26 letters of the alphabet.

According to redditor whoabackoff, it took only one bag of pretzels to create this masterpiece, who many thought could never be completed. The S, as always, to those who have tried it before, is tricky, but a 5 is pretty much the same thing. The heart shaped Q is equally impressive.

And for those trying to this alone – It’s not impossible, but it’s not recommended. It takes too much time, and by the time you’re through biting through all the little pieces and done with your incredible creation, you’ll be suffering from salt poisoning and an aching tummy.