New Robotic Trashcan Ensures You Make Every Shot

Can’t make those paper shots into the trashcan? Do you have bad aim? Why not do what this guy did – create a trashcan that moves to catch all your throws.

I don’t know about you, but I have horrible aim. I can’t throw a baseball, shoot a basketball, or hit a tennis ball and have it go exactly where I need it to go. Well, luckily for me, and those who are just like me, someone out there created a robotic trashcan that actually moves to catch everything that is thrown in it. I am serious. Rather than feeling like a loser and being zero-to-fifty when it comes to throwing crumpled pieces of paper into the trashcan, I can feel like a total winner. And, as a bonus, I don’t have to spend time cleaning up all the pieces of paper. (Yes, I realize it is as simple as rolling my office chair over, bending to pick up the paper, and putting it in the trashcan, but go with me here…I can be quite lazy, and I know there are others out there like me.)

Check it out below:


Not bad, right? The crazy things people come up with. And I want it. Bad. Now. Thank you.

(Via: Geekologie)

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