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Size Pics Simply Using Shrink O’Matic

Image via Softonic Adobe Photoshop is generally the go-to place for web designers to size their pictures, but it's somewhat tedious. You have to go in, re-size, check the dimensions on the page you're designing, size again and keep repeating the process. By making use of Adobe AIR on your BlackBerry; however, you can use Shrink O'Matic to size images. Make them larger or smaller, upload them in several batches and do in a few minutes what used to take practically forever. The best part about Shrink O'Matic is its versatility. While some applications only handle JPGs, this program handles every type of photo. Get higher quality by finally being able to use PNG images or re-size moving GIFs without distorting their quality. You can also choose different formats while you adjust your photos and change the different output sizes if it's necessary to do so.
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