8 Geeky Coffee Tables

Geeky coffee tables are cool so why settle for a boring coffee table if you can get a LED one or a superhero-styled one? Finding unique and special furniture for your home is fun. Today it’s easy to get great items that will upgrade your house. 

It’s amazing how a simple table can absolutely transform the room’s vibe and feel. You can use a geeky coffee table not just in your living room, but get one for your kid’s room. If you have a playroom in your house it’s also an excellent way to add some geekiness into your home. Below you’ll find 8 super geeky and cute coffee tables all geeks will love.

Batman Coffee Table


If you are planning a man cave or just want to add some superhero sparkle to your home, this Batman coffee table can be a great addition. This table is just right, in color and in style. The table was crafted from hard maple wood, painted with a black stain coated and a high gloss polyurethane. To finish the look the legs are in powder coated hairpin, giving the coffee table its classic look.

Lord of the Rings – Coffee Table


This coffee table is truly a work of art. Specially designed using pyrography technique, all of the table’s decorations were burned into the wood. The result is stunning: A one of a kind Middle Earth Map coffee table.

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table


This controller table is probably one of the more famous geek-theme coffee tables out there. Over the years we presented here on Walyou several Nintendo coffee tables: From wood, glass and even plastic, but one thing all of them have in common is that they are super cool!

Jordan Coffee Table


A very cool coffee table, perfect for the sports fans. It’s actually a storing box for shoes but can be used as very cool coffee table. You can store some magazines also. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition perhaps?

Pac-Man Coffee Table


This coffee table is full of style. Combining the iconic yellow with the oak legs is super modern and totally IN. The Pacman table can also be perfect for your game room or your kid’s bedrooms.

Marvel Coffee Tables


Colorful and oozing with retro, this Marvel Comics coffee table is all about chic and style. This table is also 100% recycled and hand-painted.

LED Coffee Table


This modern innovative coffee table is featuring an impressive display of LED lights. It is battery operated, and you can easily switch it on or off to impress your friends (or dates).

Coffee Table”  8 Bit – Pixelated


Forget about HD; this table is all about retro gaming. The 8-bit Pixel table is made out of a solid oak and was inspired by 8-bit graphics found in early computer gaming. Another cool fact about this table is that each side throughout the entire table has a different combination of hand cut cubes, so each side is unique, and no two sides are the same.

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