Project Ara is getting shown at the Mobile World Congress

Google is getting serious about their modular phones project, titled Project Ara, and something big is coming to the next Mobile World Congress.

Project Ara MWC 1

A number of companies including Toshiba seem to be already developing compatible modules for Google’s Project Ara, a smartphone that will be able to be upgraded like a regular desktop PC. The next MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona will be host to several new modules, and we can already report Toshiba will be providing some photography related ones. Other brands also on board include DDM Brands with Yezz.

Toshiba’s modules will be a front 2 megapixel camera, and 2 back cameras of 5 and 13 megapixels respectively. Note, these are being developed as of now, so they might end up changing before the event.

Project Ara will be tested first in Puerto Rico, and if the concept proves to be successful there will eventually expand to other markets including the continental USA.

There are over 50 modules reported for Project Ara at WMC, which will take place in early March, and while we don’t know yet what these are or whether they will be demos or the actual project, all the pieces (literally) seem to be slowly falling into place for Google.

Project Ara MWC 2

Toshiba are already showing some stuff off on a website meant to help developers understand these modules, some of which include camera, screen, or Wi-Fi amongst others.

Via Phone Arena

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