Amazing DeLorean iPhone 6 case is a must-see

While we wait for Marty McFly and Doc to arrive in October this year as seen in Back to the Future 2 we can enjoy this iPhone 6 case themed after their DeLorean.

Delorean iphone 6 case 1

What you see in this pictures is not a perfect recreation of the DeLorean from the popular Back to the Future movie series (well, it actually is) but a fantastic case especially made for all the geeks who years after the movie still love it as much as the first day. This is a creation of the Bandai team, mostly popular for their anime tie-ins, but who already created a couple cases for Apple’s iPhone 6 as part of their Crazy Case lineup.

Delorean iphone 6 case 2

Sure, its bulky and might not be fit for everyday use, but it is one of the coolest cases we’ve ever seen, right next to their previous Batman design. They should stop, though, I can only buy so many of these on my current payroll. What’s next, the Ghostbusters Ecto-1?

Delorean iphone 6 case 3

The iPhone 6 case is particularly well thought out, as all of the compartments can open to give the user access to the buttons on the side or different cameras on the phone while still looking like something that could be seen in the movies. But don’t take our word, and see the video they created to promote it instead.

Via Rocket News 24

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