Project Garmr PC Case Mod: Inspired by Norse Mythology

PC mods have always generated a lot of curiosity among people, and one of the reasons for their popularity is that they reveal an extension of our own personality.

This time around, a Ukrainian modder has unveiled the “Project Garmr” which is inspired by the huge four-eyed dog of the Norse mythology.

Garmr, the four eyed dog sits at the entrance of the after-world allowing only those who deserve to be let in. The Garmr PC Mod perhaps prepares you for an interesting conversation with your buddy after a long gaming session! The modder used a cheap PC case which was subjected to a lot of cropping and chopping.

The modder also used a number of fabricated parts due to which he could make the PC case look like a four-eyed dog. What is interesting in the Garmr PC Mod project is that there is an obvious reference to the automotive engine theme. The blue LEDs located within the simulated spark plugs add a sort of mystical other-worldly aura to the PC mod. Perhaps this eerie light signifies the after-world that Garmr is supposed to guard.

As Garmr in this case is a PC mod and not a real after-world dog, it also comes with modern comforts such as an MP3 player that plays the automotive engine sound. Of course, apart from being inspired by Norse mythology, the project takes direct inspiration from automotive industry and comes a lot of exhaust pipes, shocks and hoods. Thermaltake TMG ND1 video card coolers are mounted on the side panel to cool the hard drives.

The project has won several awards in Ukraine and also on the net, which proves that a lot of people have found the PC Case mod pretty cool. The final result not only looks exotic and mystical, but also looks pretty futuristic at the same time. You could also take a look at other cool Case mods like the Wall E Project, Steampunk Final fantasy Case Mod, and the Panzerboc Computer Project.

Via: MNPC Tech