Pulse Wallet Could Eradicate Passwords, Make Your Data Safer

In an era where password losses and cyber hacking is more prevalent than ever, the Pulse Wallet could make your handprint a key.

Pulse Wallet image

Is there anything quite as untrustworthy as the modern password? The sign up screen on a site tells us to ‘use something memorable’ and for us to be sure to ‘include a mixture of symbols and numbers for added safety!’ and so we do. But computers are smarter than our password creating brain sectors ever could be and are able to crack just about any amalgamation of our mother’s maiden names and our dates of birth if you input the relevant data and give it about 5 minutes (though even 30 seconds of computing time would be generous). What computers and real life hackers can’t do easily, however is replicate your hands entire structure, veins, vessels, prints and all, which is why the newly announced ‘Pulse Wallet’ could be one of the safest locking methods around.

Shown off at CES 2014, the Pulse Wallet works by using an infrared camera to scan not your prints (e.g the fingerprint of your palm) but your actual vein pattern. A vein pattern, unlike a fingerprint, is much harder to copy as the infrared camera isn’t analysing anything above the surface, it’s looking for what’s under your skin and therefore without some serious study or some almost unimaginably intelligent technology, it would be difficult to copy.

The likelihood of seeing the Pulse Wallet in stores and banks around the world is quite a high one as it’s already in use in cash machines in Brazil and Japan meaning that while they might be well ahead of the curve, there’s every chance that the rest of the world’s pin code protected devices might not be far behind.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: BBC

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