Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Glass Reportedly Launching This Year

Seeing that the feedback for its first smartwatch wasn’t entirely positive, Samsung started working on the second generation, as well as on a pair of smart glasses dubbed Galaxy Glass, rumor has it.

Galaxy Gear didn’t get criticized only for its slightly hideous design, but also for the mediocre specs, especially considering its price tag. Samsung plans to change all that by improving the features and the technologies implemented in this wearable. Remember the curved display used in the not-so-popular Galaxy Round? Well, Galaxy Gear 2 is said to include the same flexible OLED. I have to admit, a curved screen makes much more sense in a smartwatch than in a smartphone.

Google, Apple and LG have yet to release their own smartwatches (the latter got a shot at wearable tech with its Lifeband Touch), but this doesn’t mean that Samsung’s Galaxy Gear lacks competition. There are plenty of smart watches out there that serve various purposes, from displaying notifications to tracking fitness stats. In this context, Galaxy Gear 2 would have to pack some serious features in order to catch the eye of the market. Adjustments would have to be made in the design, software, and even the battery life of the device.

Pictured above is a patent that brought Samsung an award in Korea last year. The fact that rumors about smart glasses made by the South Korean company emerge the day after Samsung and Google announced their patent cross-licensing deal should make one think. Galaxy Glass would undoubtedly run Android (after all, this piece of wearable tech would be part of the Galaxy family), and the only way Samsung would not turn into Google’s competitor was if each pair of smart glasses served different purposes. Indeed, the above blueprint suggests that Galaxy Gear could be used for sports, but no one says Samsung is bound to use that design for its smart glasses.

While the next generation of Galaxy Gear is said to launch either in March or April, according to the rumors, Galaxy Glass will be revealed in September at the IFA show in Berlin. I wish these rumors were true, since these two wearables would push this industry to even newer heights. It also remains to be seen how Samsung’s competitors will react, but in the end, the consumers are the greatest winners of this technological race.

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