Massive Slingshot Cannon Destroys Barrels, Pummels Cars

Master of Slingshots Joerg Sprave has uploaded a video showing off his newest creation, a massive slingshot roughly the size of a car. Mr. Sprave‘s creations have been featured on Walyou before, such as his Gatling crossbow and this multishot version. Harnessing the power of rubber bands, his creations are (usually) mechanically simple and incredibly effective, whether they’re his traditional handheld slingshots or massive monstrosities such as this one. He even claims that this may be the “strongest rubber based weapon presented on YouTube ever.” At least until he outdoes himself, that is.

Joerg Sprave Slingshot Artillery

He uses terms like “artillery” and “cannon” to describe this one, and it really isn’t much of an exaggeration. The set-up is quite adjustable, weighs 100 kg, and does very much look like a cannon in profile. The huge rubber band is pulled into position via a winch, while a block keeps the slingshot from springing back in the case of slippage. Once it’s fully cocked, a simple pull of the trigger will send the ammunition flying, in this case an 8 centimeter steel ball which flew roughly 200 meters.

Naturally, Mr. Sprave then decided to have some target practice. The first victim was a 5 liter steel keg, which was utterly destroyed along with its wooden platform. Aim is then taken at a small car, with the first two shots going through the windows: hardly a feat, but it makes for some pretty glass explosions. The third shot went for the driver’s side door, leaving a sizable dent behind! Some more shots are taken at the car and filmed in slow-motion, targeting the doors again, as well as the car’s hood. All in all, it’s easy to see just how much power is put behind these shots. If the steel balls were tapered like a bullet (and fired straight, of course), it wouldn’t be all that surprising if they punched through the metal of the vehicle. The dents left behind by the balls are impressive enough, though, and I’d rather not think of what would happen to my ribcage if it were hit. Perhaps in a few months, Joerg Sprave will have crafted an intercontinental ballistic slingshot, so make sure to keep an eye on his YouTube channel.