Eight-Shot Gatling Crossbow Slingshot

Guns aren’t the only ranged weapons, but they’ve effectively replaced slings, bows, and crossbows for the most part. Joerg Sprave isn’t content with that and designs his own brutal crossbows which remind us of the impressive power they have, without the noise created when firing a gun. You may remember our previous coverage of his Machete Launching Crossbow, a sort of mix between a crossbow and a slingshot which propelled a deadly machete at speeds sure to make it even deadlier.

Gatling Crossbow Slingshot

His newest creation is a repeating slingshot crossbow, resembling something along the lines of a Gatling gun. If you’ve ever seen a Gatling rubber band gun, this should look somewhat familiar to you. However, it’s not so much the rubber band that flies off to hit the target. Instead, the strong rubber bands that make up this slingshot crossbow are used to hold 20 mm metal balls in place as ammunition. When the barrel is turned via the crank, one ball presses up against a small ramp of wood which lifts it above the bit ‘locking’ it in place. Of course, once the ball is lifted enough, the rubber band does its part of the work, flinging the ammo at brutal speeds toward its target. While I said this is quieter than a gun, you can tell from the sound of the ball hitting the target that it could not only do some serious damage but that it also makes a fair amount of noise itself depending on what it hits.

When he fires the weapon in ‘full auto’ mode, you can see just how fast it can propel eight shots toward its target. Even better, by viewer request he filmed a second video where he shoots a clay pot and some glass bottles, capturing the destruction in slow motion. The slow motion views of the weapon firing are also impressive, and helpful if you still find yourself unsure how exactly the slingshot crossbow works. If you find yourself preferring a more ridiculous weapon, you might also like this Motorcycle that Shoots Rubber Chickens.

Via: Obvious Winner