Pumpkin Faces Occupy Wall Street

Far from trivializing revolutionary movements, some artists decided to pay tribute to them… in pumpkin form, just for Halloween. There’s a lot going on around the world, with stuff like “indignados” in Spain, riots in England or the Occupy Wall Street movement in America. And, just as it ever did, the real world affects arts in more ways than we can perceive, even making it’s way to popular displays of creativity such as pumpkin carving. Pay tribute to the revolutionary in you with these pumpkins.

Revolution Pumpkin

Revolution Pumkin 1


Workers unite! This pumpkin over here has both people from working class, and the hammer, one of the iconic revolutionary/left wing symbols. Let the fire burning inside be a reflection on what’s going on with your revolutionary spirit.

Guy Fawkes Pumpkin

Revolution Pumkin 2

Ever since V for Vendetta came out and particularly since Anonymous (“anon”, for short), the hacktivist group, adopted it as an unofficial logo, the Guy Fawkes face/mask has become an icon of modern nonconformity and willing to change the system, no matter what it takes.

Che Guevara Pumpkins

Revolution Pumkin 3

Che Guevara needs no introduction. Even if you don’t share any of his views whatsoever, his face has become an icon and can be seen in shirts college students or Hollywood actors alike wear. The face of the Cuban revolution appears here in two pumpkin tributes.

Revolution Pumkin 4

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From here, our respect to those fighting for a change and equality, and to the artists delighting us with their work. Thanks for trying to make the world a better place! Also, in case you want to see more pumpkin faces and pumpkin carving, check 34 Geeky Pumpkin Faces and Geeky Halloween Pumpkin Carvings.