Punch-Out!! Encyclopedia Kickstarter By Daniel Lanciana

This extensive encyclopedia up on Kickstarter for the classic boxing game from Nintendo is a total knock-out. Have a look!

Punch-Out encyclopedia 3

Did you know that the 25th anniversary of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! is upon us? Quite true, folks. The 1987′ NES boxing game from Nintendo, known famously world round, will be blowing out the the candles on twenty-five years since its release, come this October. Hooray!

In preparation of such a happy occasion – and because Punch-Out!!, no matter how you feel about sports games in general, is a beloved, uniting force among all – Australian gamer and coffee-book enthusiast, Daniel Lanciana, compiled a fully in-depth manuscript covering every knowable factoid about the game. And I mean every.

Punch-Out encyclopedia 2

The Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! encyclopedia contains 240 glorious color pages (large-format 13×11 inches) about what makes this memorable NES title so absolutely – if I may borrow a Australian term – “ace.” The history of its development; high-res scans packaging & manuals; well-versed character bios; lovely fan art, and more have all been meticulously gathered over the past 18 months in this one impressive-looking hard-cover book.

Pretty rad, eh? Indeed, it truly is, but it needs your help getting made. Right now, according to Daniel, the book is print ready, with only an okay from Nintendo HQ needed to proceed forward to the next obstacle, which is the funding part of the Punch-Out encyclopedia equation.

Punch-Out encyclopedia 1

The non-profit project must meet its $25,000 goal before October 2 in order to cover the printing cost for the 200 copies that are intended to be made. Now, two hundred might be a small lot and not much to go around, but for those who at least pitch in a throw-away $10 dollars, you’ll receive an e-reader version of the book that’s still darn cool despite not having that sweet hard-bound cover.

Although, if you decide to donate upwards of $125, you’ll end up getting both if this Kickstarter reaches its funding target. There’s still a good chunk of a month to go, so please, visit Daniel’s Kickstater page for the Punch-Out encyclopedia, check out some of the pledge gifts, make a donation if possible, and share with friends. Heck, strangers, even. I really want to see this beauty get made, for realz-ies.

You know, a lot of things seem to be turning 25, huh? Konami’s Metal Gear series turned the big ole’ two-five this year, and awesomely enough, they coincided the event with the announcement (and debut demo footage) of a new Metal Gear Solid game! I am hyped, people. Hyped like when I saw this giant Ms. Pac-Man game room – meaning, a lot!