Qugo Personal Urban Transporter Lets You Get Around in Style

The Segway tried and largely failed to become a personal transporter, somewhere between walking and driving. The main problem was that people looked ridiculous on them, even as fun as they were to ride. (I’ve been on one as part of a human factors engineering course.)

Qugo electric bike

The Dutch Qugo Personal Urban Transporte uses a similar concept, but opts for a bicycle-styled design. You steer the electric three-wheeler the way you would on a bike: by leaning. It’s like a simplified version of the Segway, without the gyroscopes needed to keep it balanced.

Here’s a video of some people riding it:

Qugo from georges van wensveen on Vimeo.

The Qugo goes up to 15 miles per hour, and up to 15 miles between charges. It’s designed for short trips in cities. Perhaps this one will succeed where the Segway failed.

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