Nintendo Wii U’s TVii Arriving Post-Launch

One of Nintendo’s core media features for its upcoming Wii U won’t be available on launch day.

nintendo tvii logo image

I’m not saying that it’s pretty telling how bewildering the nature of your new console’s launch (ahem, Nintendo) is when you wait until the last minute to reveal its inner workings, but I’m definitely thinking it. Right along with the rest of pre-order holders upon hearing that one of the Wii U’s most attractive attributes won’t be ready at its release.

Nintendo’s main PR arm in North America delivered the disappointing news on Friday that TVii – the Wii U’s video-on-demand service which also transforms the Wii U Gamepad into a slick television remote that helps users find content easily – will miss the Wii U’s November 18 launch. Instead, the service is being planned for a December rollout.

This, unfortunately, means that other video services that were promised as part of the TVii ecosystem, big ticket items such as Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and Netflix, will be late to Wii U party as well, with no firm details as to when they will become available other than the standard PR response of “soon.” Like, hopefully, real soon.

Nintendo TVii breaking bad channels image

As far as the press knows, the only video streaming app that should be available at the start is a Youtube one. Reportedly Google’s made the Wii U dedicated Youtube app specifically with television screens in mind without trimming any of its web-based big brother’s core functionality, and on top of that, provide a new search feature for the Nintendo platform.

So a fair buyer beware warning, folks. If you were heavily interested – as I’m sure a whole lot of people were, including yours truly – at using the Wii U as the media master set-up to your living room, you’ll have to wait until further notice. But hey, it’s all about the games, right duders? And those will work (hopefully) out of the box without any hiccups.

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