Boyfriend Proposes With Ring Made Out Of A Melted Meteor

There are many ways in which lovers can propose, some more effective and memorable than others. But beating a ring made out of an actual meteor? Yeah, good luck with that.

This is our romantic story of the day: a man decided no ring on Earth was enough for his future wife, so he had to grab a piece of the sky for her. Seriously, he literally grabbed a chunk of meteorite and carved a ring out of it! That’s either extremely romantic, or will give her superpowers, we guess. Maybe both.

These pics first surfaced on the social media giant reddit, where a user0 known as ‘Laporkenstein’ posted pictures of his work. There was a photo catalog showing how he took the Australian meteorite, melted it down, and then shaped it into the unique engagement ring to pop the question. The best part, though, was that she said “yes”. We would have been so dissapointed if this story had had any other ending…

The happy couple are now married, and have a 16-month-old daughter. With so many things going on in their life, it’s only understandable it took him almost 3 years to finally getting around to posting pics online and sharing the story. Ah, well, at least now we, the Internet voyeurs can hear the story of his happy moment.

Now pray your girlfriend never finds out about what this guy did, or you’re gonna have a bad time trying to top this one. Best of lucks, guy readers!

Thanks to the DailyMail and Reddit for the leads on this story. Check out some other romantic stories with a geeky twist at Surviving the Hunger Games Wedding and Atlas & P-Body Wedding Cake Toppers.