10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For 10 Types Of Moms

Mother’s Day is a great day to remind us all that there’s nobody as special as our moms.

It’s always a tough task to find the perfect Mother’s Day present to buy, since you always feel like you buy the same thing every year. Finding the perfect gift doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money, but it sure  means that you need to think hard in order to come up with a good idea.

To help make it easier for you this year, we came up with this short list of 10 awesome gifts for 10 different types of moms, so you can fit the gift for your mom’s personality. Some are more humorous than others, but we tried to keep it real and offer things that we think your mom will love! So enjoy and tell us in the comment section below what you’re getting for your mom.

1. For The iPad Lover Mom – The Virtual Keyboard

We all know moms that just can’t get a way from their iPad more than 15 minute, right? So if your mom is this kinda of gal, she will love this iPad gadget. This is a Bluetooth device that projects a laser-generated keyboard onto any flat surface. It’s available for $199.95.

2. For The New Mom – Origami Auto Power Folding Stroller

If the lady you want to buy a present for is a new mom or soon to be a mommy, she will love this Origami Auto Power Folding Stroller. The Origami Stroller is the first power-folding stroller that opens and closes with a simple turn of the activation ring and a push of a button.  To really understand how it works, check out the video below. This stroller will not come in cheap since it retails for  $749.99.

3. For The Silly Mom – The Doctor’s Nano-Recorder

If your mom is the kind of lady that doesn’t take life too seriously, this gizmo will do the trick for her Mother’s Day present.  This shiny recorder retails for $14.99 and records a message up to 10 seconds long.

4. For The Gadget Lover Mom – Kisai Stencil LCD Watch

Although in plain sight this looks like a pretty watch, don’t let it confused you. Tokyo Flash watches are anything but ordinary. Their unique and chic design makes them our number one favorite gadget for Mother’s Day.  This watch is available for $139.00 and you can find more details about it here.

5. For The Mom That Has Everything – The Temple And Eye Massager

We all know the type of woman that already has everything, so it’s so hard to buy for her. I believe  that beauty pampering products can do the trick in these cases. This temple and eye massager is ideal for those who work on a computer or read for extended periods. The device uses a combination of vibration massage , air-bag massage  and heat to stimulate blood flow, relieve eye fatigue and soothe sore muscles around the eye sockets. The massager retails or $129.95.

6. For The “I Don’t Need You to Buy Me a Present” Mom – A Doggy Grass Sculptures

We all know that type of mom that always says, “You don’t need you to buy me a present.”  But what can you do, its Mother’s Day! You have to get her something, so what about buying her a doggy sculpture made out of grass? I must admit that I find this doggy crass sculpture hilarious and you even have different type of breeds you can choose from. Woof! This sculpture comes in two sizes and retails between $149.95$349.95.

7. For The Geek Mom – Wonder Woman Apron

If your mom is a chic geek, she will love this Wonder Woman apron. This super apron retails for $19.99, but note that wearing it will not give you any superhuman powers.

8. For The Star Wars Mom – A Classy and Chic Star Wars Dress

The Retro Star Wars Dress is made from original 1977 Star Wars sheets and the end-product looks nothing short of haute-couture elegance. The dress falls in a very classy manner and she even can sit on the lawn and form a beautiful circle with the hemline.

9. For The Foodie Mom – Omelet And Waffle Maker

This 2-in-1 device will cook a Belgian waffle and an omelet simultaneously. How come I didn’t think about it first? This non-stick device  retails for $139.95.

10. For The Travelling Mom – Talking Luggage Scale

If your mom is a frequent flyer she  probably knows already about the changes in airline companies regarding their overweight-baggage fees regulations due to the gas prices rise. Nowadays if your luggage doesn’t get under the limitations it can cost you and a lot! This little gadget will help your mom to know how much her luggage weights. This is only the luggage scale that has an audio feature as well for, which announces the weight of bags. This little gadgets retails for $39.95.

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