Mac Users Can Now Create Visual Content on HTML5 Using Radi App

Web designers and content creators have always loved Flash for it produces some of the most interactive, feature-rich and media-savvy sites that one could possibly want.

However, like all technologies, Flash has its critics who have pointed out rightly, that it is slow to load and that all systems and devices are not compatible with Flash. Apple for instance hates Flash.Radi, a Mac operated app created by Pauli Olavi Ojala seems to be the solution. Before we learn what it does, a bit about the background.

If you are familiar with web designing and coding jargon, HTML is the language that is used primarily to write web pages in codes, and the current version, HTML5 offers several possibilities that even Flash couldn’t possibly have offered. Apple loves HTML5 and has almost begun to believe that Flash is redundant and is not required at all. Google and Microsoft have grudgingly accepted that HTML5 is faster, cleaner and less prone to problems. Thus, designers who create interactive websites can easily do so with the help of HTML5 and still look pretty glamorous and feature-rich.

Moreover, HTML5 loads faster too, and can be used on several devices, including Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Mac. If you are a developer who develops visual content for the web, you would most certainly require Radi, which is a Mac app that allows Mac users to create feature rich images, animations, JavaScript Programming, video clips, you name it, and you would be able to do it. Thanks to Radi, you would be able to create great visual sites that are modern and comply with present web standards, and can be embedded in any site for that matter.

Radi supports pictures, text, movies, QuickTime, editable vector graphics, custom script layering and custom HTML. This means, you would be able to place any content into a Radi document. With the help of Radi, you can create scalable visual content that look good on tablets, mobile devices and computers with large screens. If you are a developer and visual content creator who uses Mac, you probably should go ahead and download Radi’s beta version for Mac OS X, which is free as well. We had written sometime back how HTML5 helped people to play several video games that couldn’t be played on the Apple TV.