Everpix: Post, View, Manage Pics Better

Everpix is a service which will allow users to carry their photo libraries with them wherever they are, giving unparalleled access to a variety of online photo services and other features. Other services like Flickr and Picasa have been godsends for many photographers. It’s risky to keep all your photos in one place; even backing up your photos on a separate hard drive or DVD/Blu-Ray can be risky if they’re all stored at home. In the event of fire, flood, or other catastrophe, the originals and backups could all be destroyed in one fell swoop. Online storage lets you keep your backups at a distance, and often cheaply as well.

Everpix takes advantage of the numerous photo storage sites used by people and combines them into one slick little package. Currently, Everpix is a Mac desktop application, one which will gather photos from online sources as well as ones already stored on your hard drive. It can even be configured to include any photos sent to your Gmail account if you choose. Using a feature dubbed “assistive curating,” Everpix will also gather these images into galleries on its own, meaning that you don’t have to go through the pain of organizing them all yet again. Images that are deemed unsuitable, such as blurred or other noticeably flawed photos, will be hidden by default but can be toggled to be shown if the “curator” tags them incorrectly or if you want to display some of your less-than-perfect photos nonetheless.

Everpix Photo Album Interface

Photos start out as private on Everpix, preventing you from accidentally sharing things you’d rather not, but publicizing them is easy enough with a single click. Like most services nowadays, it includes aspects of social media by allowing you to add friends to easily view each other’s galleries. Since you configure your online photo websites and your photo folders at the beginning, Everpix will continue to grab and organize any new photos that appear in those places, meaning that you don’t have to go through the hassle of fiddling with Everpix for every photo you want to add. Arguably the best part is that you can access all these photos online, with mobile support to be added at a later date, the latter of which will mean that it’s a snap to have your entire photo collection at your fingertips without having to browse multiple sites or worry about photos you haven’t yet uploaded manually.

While technically free, the service is being branded “freemium,” meaning that some aspects will cost money. I’d imagine it would follow the structure of many other photo sites by providing free storage to some extent, but charging if you need to store beyond that limit. That’s pure speculation, though, so keep an eye on Everpix and sign up to have a chance at being an alpha tester to help out with bug-testing the project and to see if it’s right for you. For some more novel ways to snap your photos in the first place, check out our articles on the Duopod Camera Mount and some iPhone Camera Hacks.