Range Smart Thermometer Pairs to iOS App for Precise Readings

We’re heading to a future where even the kitchen utensils are smart. The Range thermometer is yet another smart item that should be found in everyone’s kitchen, if they’re really into cooking.

I’m a maniac when it comes to following recipe instructions, fact that made both my mother and my girlfriend giggle on a couple of occasions. I weigh ingredients using a precise kitchen scale each and every time the recipe calls for exact quantities, and I track accurately the time meals need to be cooked. However, when it comes to knowing the temperature of the food, things don’t go exactly as I would want. A smart thermometer such as Range would be of great help, if it didn’t work exclusively with iOS devices.

The smart thermometer developed by Supermechanical has a rounded or a pointed tip, a food-safe silicone handle and a cord that connects the product to an iOS device. The handle will withstand oven temperature with no problems, not to mention that it can also be safely clipped on pots. Once connected to an iPhone, it displays the current temperature and alerts cooks when a certain future value is reached. Talk about precise cooking, huh?

There are a couple different versions of the Range thermometer. The Ember one features a 3-inch pointed tip and a 4-foot cord which make it great for cooking meat. The Aqua version comes with a 6-inch rounded tip and a 3-foot cord. With such features, the Aqua Range should help candy, beer and cheese makers a lot.

Range is currently featured on Kickstarter, where it has already raised more funds than needed. This means that once the crowdfunding campaign is over, the company will receive the money necessary for mass producing this gadget. Pledging $49 in the next 13 days gets you an ember or an Aqua thermometer, while backing the project with $89 will get you both of them. The planned retail price is $59, so if you want one, go grab it at a lower price while you can.


Android and Windows Phone owners who would like a Range smart thermometer will have to wait, as the team is small and it can only focus on one platform for the moment. Yet, Supermechanical encourages these people to register their interest on this page.

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