New Transformers Arcade Game Rolls Out In Japan

Transformers invade the Japanese arcade scene with a new game from Sega.

New Transformers Arcade Game Sega image 1

The big Transformers event of the summer wasn’t the Michael Bay explosion-fest of a movie from a few weeks back, but the news that a new arcade game based on the popular robot franchise has just been released in Japan.

Created by Sega, a name I haven’t heard mentioned alongside the release of a new arcade title in a super long time, Transformers: Human Alliance is an on-rails shooter where you assist Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots as they battle against their long-time “robots in disguise” foes, the Decepticons.

New Transformers Arcade Game Sega Image 2

Human Alliance features two big, futuristic machine guns as its controllers – pretty much standard for your everyday on-rails shooter. Cabinet wise though, Sega is producing the game in two flavors: one, in your conventional stand-up arcade unit, and the other, an enclosed version that looks like a yellow Hummer.

The game does takes place in the Bay-universe of the Transformer’s franchise (for better or worse), yet strangely enough Sega seems to have made some interesting creative liberties to the portrayal of Shia LaBeouf’s character, Sam Witwicky, who looks and sounds a lot more… uh, different from his big-screen portrayal… Yeah, different is the word I’d use.

No info on whether Human Alliance will be brought over to North America, but considering how popular the Transformers franchise is in light of the current blockbuster movies, it does seem like a lock to make the trip across the Pacific. Who knows, it might even show up out-of-the-blue at a Dave & Buster’s near you!

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