Soar With a Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

What to get for the man or woman who has everything? What about a giant, remote controlled bird to wreak havoc on friends, enemies, and just about anyone/thing else! Hammacher Schlemmer, home of some of the most ridiculous things you could order out of a catalog, offers up an awesome and kinda creepy remote controlled bald eagle for your amusement. If you’re a hobbyist involved with other flying RC models, you’ll likely understand this more than I do, and given the price tag it does definitely seem geared toward those who know what they’re doing. I barely trust myself with one of those $15 RC helicopters, so I’d rather not send a glorious bald eagle with a 9.5 foot wingspan into a sharp nosedive to the ground.

Radio Controlled Bald Eagle

Flying RC Bald Eagle

The massive wings are made from nylon and polyester and make this bird a great glider. The high-tech engine and propeller, however, allow the majestic avian to do tricks like loops and even hover in place, controllable from up to 100 feet away. No doubt, it will take some practice to get to that stage, but even mastering the controls enough to keep the massive bird in motion while not crashing into trees, people, or sidewalks should be quite an accomplishment.

If you’ve already mastered aircraft like helicopters and airplanes, though, this is a fun way to explore something closer to natural flight (albeit in a very unnatural manner). But really, if you have $499.95 lying around for purchasing a radio-controlled eagle, you might as well have fun with it. By this, I mean making the eagle hover eerily outside a friend’s window to drive them insane: money well spent, if I’ve ever heard of it.

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